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Hannah! 18. "Once you go Asian, your life amazing." From SF, CA. Living in Davis, CA. Virgo. 9/8/95. (give me a gift) I'm really mellow with bursts of extreme intensity.
Hey so my initials stand for homework.

I have a sometimes inappropriate sense of humor. My choices are impulsive and hella horrible but they work out in the end. Bitch, a lot of things get on my nerves but people who challenge me aren't one of them.

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I’ve been wasting my time with people when I should’ve been studying like dude parties aren’t even worth it. not paying tuition to fail my fucking freshmen classes I mean I can meet people and make connections for free. so even if I lose all my friends at least I’d be more likely to get job offers with my high gpa fuck



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Or Nah?

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